Looking back and to the future: SIS Kassel and the SIS Cup

Interview with Célia Diogo, sports instructor and passionate SIS Cup coach.


For SIS Kassel and Célia, 2019 was only the second year of participation and they did not count on winning –  all the greater was the joy and pride in last year’s team for taking home the 2019 SIS Cup trophy. But how about this year’s preparation at SIS Kassel?

Looking back, Célia reveals that the success formula in 2019 was the team spirit and the support that the students gave each other throughout the two days. Therefore, when choosing the team for this year, she will again consider team spirit and fair play at least as important as the athletic capabilities of a student. Currently, there are nine aspirants for the SIS Kassel Cup team and Célia will wait to choose the final team members shortly before the team registration deadline on 29 March. 

Meanwhile, she practises streetball and floorball intensively and the other SIS Cup disciplines a few times so she gets a feeling for the students’ team capabilities and athletic strengths. Additionally, the nine aspirants get a 40 minute training session per week that allows Célia to study the students’ team behaviour. 

Training for this year’s trend sport, tug of war, has not yet started in Kassel but is on the agenda. Célia is planning to order a big rope and will practise tactics and explain the rules to the team. There is hope of defending the title, Célia says, but certainly no pressure. For her, being part of the SIS Cup team and being able to represent SIS Kassel in front of the rest of the SIS community should be a pleasure and foster one’s best. Celia’s motto for the SIS Cup is: “Play, do your best and have fun. Get to know the other kids!”

What Célia likes most as a coach, besides the ability to enable her students to show their full potential, is to meet SIS colleagues from distant places and to discuss ideas about teaching sports at school. As she greatly joins in the excitement of her team and enthusiastically motivates them from the sideline, staying calm is at times somewhat difficult for her. 

The toughest opponents could really come from any other SIS school, Célia points out. Even though larger schools have a greater selection to build a team, this does not necessarily result in the best performing team. Therefore, she motivates her team to give their best in any competition and most importantly to have fun. 

Célia believes that for some participants, the SIS Cup will create memorable moments, and she wishes all teams and coaches a great SIS Cup 2020!

Thank you for the interview, Célia, and good luck!

Milena Thraen, Corporate Communications