Interview with Alexandra Delplace

How this year's host – SIS Friedrichshafen – is getting ready

Alexandra Delplace is truly enthusiastic about the SIS Cup and knows how lively, cheerful and intense the two days can be. As a former coach of the SIS Friedrichshafen team, she knows what the students need to be able to show their full sporting potential and immerse themselves in the social activities that run alongside the championships.

Alexandra, how are the preparations for the SIS Cup 2019 going so far?
Currently, we have completed the orders for the sports equipment and are searching for further referees who will ensure fair play during the games. As there are only three sports teachers at SIS Friedrichshafen, we need the support from external referees and have asked students from a nearby university to assist us. I am confident that we will have experienced and qualified referees in time.

How do you integrate the rest of the school into the event?
We want to involve students from multiple classes and for various tasks. Grade 11 for instance, helps us prepare in multiple ways in the context of their CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) part in the diploma programme. During the two days, students from grade 10 and 11 will assist as line judges and paramedics. Furthermore, we want to involve students from the journalism society as reporters during the event.

How will the team members representing SIS Friedrichshafen be chosen?
As we have many qualified students who wish to be part of the team it will be a difficult choice this year. My colleague and I focus on two aspects for choosing the students: firstly, the athletic abilities and secondly, the team qualities of the student. We intend to build a strong team that supports each other and really boosts team spirit.

What are the chances for Friedrichshafen to exploit their home advantage?
I firmly expect to place among the first three. We have to do it! I am absolutely enthusiastic about the event and hope that this spirit spreads among the team and the students at the school who support the team. However, it will be difficult for other students to cheer for the team as the gym has limited space. SIS Friedrichshafen has reached the unrewarded fourth place once, so this year I really want to bring the cup home.

What is planned for Monday evening?
That evening will be especially enjoyable. Students from the CAS team are organising it in our big canteen. There will be music and we plan to play some icebreaker-games so the students from the 16 schools start to mingle early. There will be a fotobox and food will be provided. We will also have an area for the coaches to take some time off and relax.

Thank you for the interview, Alexandra, and good luck with all the on-going preparations!