Interview with Bettina Marquissee

How SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach attunes for the SIS Cup 2019

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach won the SIS Cup 2018 and would of course like to defend the title in Friedrichshafen this year. Preparations are already in progress, and sports instructor Bettina Marquissee focuses on teaching the disciplines that will be played at the SIS Cup. For the fourth time she will be the coach of the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach team and can therefore clearly define what is important in preparation.

Bettina, how are the preparations going so far?
We systematically go through the various disciplines of the SIS Cup. We have already practiced floorball and streetball. Currently, we are dedicated to the individual disciplines. The team sports are of course important, because they earn many points for the winning team, but last year we also scored well in the individual disciplines.

How and when will the six team members, who may participate in this year's SIS Cup in Friedrichshafen, be chosen?
My colleague and I specifically select the students who have performed best in the preparations. We wait until shortly before the registration deadline, which means we will decide at the end of April.

How are you preparing for this year's trend sport, the scooter race?

The preparation is still pending, but is already planned. We have some scooters at the school and will also thoroughly practice this discipline.

Will SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach be able to defend the title?
It will be difficult, but of course we want to try it. In recent years I have seen that all teams are getting better and better as preparations at the schools are more and more focused on the SIS Cup. We will definitely do our best.

Who could be the toughest opponents?
I always count on the SIS Basel team because it is a big school and we will keep a close eye on this team.

Thank you for your time, Bettina, and good luck!