Pia Mathes about the SIS Cup 2018

"The two days will be full of fun, sports and team spirit."

Head of primary school Pia Mathes talks about the preparations for the SIS Cup 2018 at SIS Zürich.


What is the current status of the preparations for the SIS Cup 2018? Where are you and your team at?

We are well prepared: All sporting events are already planned, we have ordered new sports materials, the school band and the classes have rehearsed for the opening ceremony. At the moment we are planning the athletes' party.

What will the two days in June look like? What are the students in for?

The two days in June will be full of fun, sports and team spirit. We hope that the students will not only enjoy the sports competition but will also connect with SIS students from all over the world, find new friends and feel the olympic spirit.

Besides the sports activities, what else is planned?

In previous years the athletes' party on Monday evening was a big success. So we are planning a big party for all the students at our school.

Considering your home advantage, do you see the SIS Zürich team as the odds-on favourite?

Regardless of the question of advantage or disadvantage we want our team to perform as well as they can and show sportsmanship and team spirit. If they do so, the ranking is not too important.