Interview with Katja Buchmann

How SIS Männedorf-Zürich is getting ready.

Last year, when SIS Zürich hosted the SIS Cup, the team from SIS Männedorf-Zürich finished in fourth place in the overall ranking. Even though fourth place is oftentimes considered a little unwanted, Katja pointed out that for a small school like Männedorf, this result was very rewarding. The motto for the students of SIS Männedorf-Zürich is that being part of the team is everything and success is of secondary importance. Nevertheless, says Katja, success is of course well received.

Together with two colleagues she prepares the team and selects the students that will compete in Friedrichshafen this year. The SIS Cup motivates all students from grades 5 and 6 to perform their best, says Katja. What motivates them the most is the fact that they are allowed to go to another place with a small group of classmates. Upon returning to their classrooms in Männedorf after the SIS Cup, the students look forward to showing pictures from the event and telling their other classmates about the exciting things that happened during the SIS Cup.

For preparation, Katja and her colleagues not only emphasise physical fitness and training in each discipline, but also the rules of the games and the SIS Cup manual. As she points out, an understanding of how points are scored in the overall ranking can be a tactical advantage.

When selecting the team members out of the 21 students who are eligible, both athletic competence and the behaviour of the child in a group are important. For Katja, it is hard to foresee the group dynamic but her intention is to build a strong bond between the group members. This part is interesting for her as a teacher. Sometimes students who are reserved during regular school lessons get their time to shine at the SIS Cup and even show a change in behaviour after the event.

Thank you for the interview, Katja, and good luck in Friedrichshafen!