SIS Worldwide

Three countries, sixteen schools - one strong network

Our annual International Sports Day, the SIS Cup, is one of many activities that extend beyond the walls of the individual schools and provides teachers and students with a platform to exchange experience and insights across country borders.

The SIS Cup 2019 will be the fourth edition of our annual international sports day and it will be hosted by SIS Friedrichshafen on 27 and 28 Mai. We are all getting prepared and looking forward to this lively, physically and emotionally intense and delightful event.

The three previous SIS Cups have been a big success in terms of sportsmanship and fair competition. Most importantly, they have given the chance to bring the global SIS network into life and allow for cultural exchanges and friendships around the world.

The following three SIS schools can proudly name themselves SIS Cup winners:

  • SIS Zürich (2016, hosted by SIS Basel)
  • SIS Zürich-Wollishofen (2017, hosted by SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach)
  • SIS Suttgart-Fellbach (2018, hosted by SIS Zürich)