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Find all highlights and the most exciting stories with pictures and videos of the activities during the SIS Cup 2020. 

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And the Winner of the SIS Cup 2019 Is...

28.05.2019 - 10:05

... SIS Kassel! In second is ESB Rio de Janeiro and coming in third is SIS Zürich-Wollishofen.

Streetball Is the Final Competition

28.05.2019 - 10:05

The winner will be decided in the last and exhilarating matches of streeball. Still in lead in the overall position table is SIS Zürich-Wollishofen, followed by SIS Kassel and ESB Rio de Janeiro.

An Interview with the Winner of the Chess Competition

28.05.2019 - 10:05

One of our reporters interviewed Aryan, the two times chess champion of the SIS Cup.

How do you feel about winning twice in a row?

I feel very good and I’m really happy.

How old were you when you started playing chess?

I was really young when I started. I was only seven years old.

Did you like chess at first? Why?

Yes, because it’s interesting and you have to use your brain a lot.

Is chess hard? What do you think about it?

Yes it is hard, because even if you get better you could always get touched up by your opponents.

SIS Zürich-Wollishofen Wins Table Tennis in A Nerve-Wracking Match

28.05.2019 - 10:05

In the tense table tennis finale, SIS Zürich-Wollishofen went against SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach. In the end, SIS Zürich-Wollishofen won in a very close match.


Ready for the Second Day!

28.05.2019 - 10:05

Yesterday the athletes had a celebration with dance music, food and laughter. After a good night's sleep, the teams are ready for the final day which started with the obstacle course. Stay tuned to find out who will win the SIS Cup 2019!



An Exciting First Day of the SIS Cup 2019!

27.05.2019 - 17:07

Celebrating the best teams in floorball and the best students in the single disciplines, the first day of the SIS Cup ended successfully. Though the competitions were intense, everyone is in good shape and ready for the obstacle course taking place tomorrow morning. At the moment, SIS Zürich-Wollishofen is the leader but nothing is decided yet. It is going to be a thrilling second day of the SIS Cup!

Mile Run: The Last Race of the Day

27.05.2019 - 17:07

After a long and exhaustive afternoon, a last effort had to be made for the mile run. Here, the boys and girls from SIS Zürich and SIS Zürich-Wollishofen showed a remarkable performance.


Scooters: Speed and Clarity as One

27.05.2019 - 15:55

Scooters is this year’s trend sport. With precision and concentration, the challengers must be able to get through an obstacle course with a scooter. Touching an obstacle will cause an increase on the time, so make sure to not touch the obstacle as every second counts.

Single Disciplines: Touching the Limit

27.05.2019 - 13:03

This afternoon, the three disciplines are on the programme. In ball throw, both boys and girls had to throw a 3kg medicine ball as far as they could, using any kind of technique, while staying behind a specific line. Further disciplines were long jump in which students jump three times as far as possible, without any momentum, as well as line run.

Floorball Final: SIS Zürich-Wollishofen vs. SIS Kassel

27.05.2019 - 13:03

The SIS Cup 2019 has its first winner: SIS Zürich-Wollishofen beats SIS Kassel in a fierce and close match. Here are the first reactions of the Swiss team after their victory:

“It was pretty cool and it was so fun that we won. Teamwork played a huge role to us winning, and we focused on our tactic of substituting a lot. Now we only need to chill a little bit."

Different Teams, Different Tactics

27.05.2019 - 13:03

Our reporter team interviewed the players and coaches from SIS Friedrichshafen and ESB Rio de Janeiro concerning their tactics to win the floorball competition. Whereas SIS Friedrichshafen plans to hustle and attack the ball, the Brazilian team puts the emphasis on concentration.

Floorball: Technique meets Power

27.05.2019 - 13:03

The first team competition, floorball, was filled with ups and downs as teams left and right battled it out in a game of wits and strength. There are wins, loses, and ties as the battle continues.

It's Time to Begin

27.05.2019 - 13:03

SIS Cup 2019: An event filled with excitement and joy. The opening ceremony began with the SIS Friedrichshafen choir. The opening introduction was a small performance by the SIS dancing team, dancing to “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus, and was followed by the school choir performing the homemade school anthem “Change Our World”.

A Little Retrospect: the SIS Cup Winner of 2018 was...

12.06.2018 - 17:23

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach!

The grand winner of the SIS Cup was SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach and their coach couldn't have looked prouder. In second was SIS Basel and coming in third was ESB Rio de Janeiro. SIS Cup has been an incredible event for all the students, the teachers, coaches and the staff. We all have been having an amazing time and can't wait for next year.